Will the Locksmith Need To Drill Into The Lock To Fix It?

Are you wondering if a locksmith needs to drill into the lock to fix it? It’s a valid question that many homeowners face when their locks are damaged or malfunctioning. 

Locksmith Need To Drill

The good news is that, in most cases, a locksmith won’t need to drill into your lock. But there are some cases in which drilling may indeed be necessary. Let’s look more closely at these scenarios and what you should expect from a professional locksmith.

When Is Drilling Necessary? 

Generally, a locksmith won’t need to drill into your lock to fix it. However, there are times when drilling is the only way to restore the lock’s functionality. 

If a key has broken off inside your lock, for example, you will likely need to have the cylinder drilled in order to remove it and avoid any further damage. A locksmith may also need to drill out a “tumbler” (the internal component of a lock that releases the latch) if it has become stuck or jammed and won’t turn with the key. 

Other Reasons Why Drilling May Be Necessary 

In addition to repairing damaged locks, there are other reasons why a locksmith may need to drill into your lock. For instance, if you want to replace your existing lock with a new one, the locksmith may need to drill into the door frame to fit the new lock. 

Sometimes, a locksmith might also need to drill if you’ve lost or forgotten your key, and there’s no other way to open your lock. A skilled locksmith can use specialized tools to pick the lock without damaging it. However, if these methods don’t work, drilling may be the only way to get you back into your home or business premises. 

Ryan Hatch is a master locksmith with 15 years of experience in residential and commercial security. When not writing, he enjoys hiking and tinkering with vintage locks.

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